In 1996, the National Sea Scout Committee created an advanced leadership course called Sea Scout Experience-Advanced Leadership (SEAL) training.  The course is designed to develop leadership skills in young adults.  Seamanship is the medium through which the course is taught; however, nautical skills are the means, not the end.  This course, which utilizes an “at sea” experience as a laboratory, is intended to teach and apply leadership skills.  Few other media offer the opportunity for young people to actually put leadership skills into practice.  In SEAL, there is no “play acting.”  All situations and tasks are real, not created.  Bad decisions or team failure can produce immediate and real problems.


It is the mission of Sea Scout Experience-Advanced Leadership (SEAL) training to develop leadership and management skills in Sea Scouts, in order to assist them and their ships in reaching their maximum potential.


We believe that great leaders are those who protect, empower, and focus their team on achieving meaningful goals. We believe that "perfection" is an unending quest, and that "excellence" is a verb. 


As SEAL San Francisco, our mission is to run the best at-sea leadership course in the world by pushing everyone who sets foot on our ship to be their best,  and making sure everyone steps off a better teammate and leader than when they arrived.